Francoist Bureau of Idiocy

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Warning: The information contained in these files could be damaging to the egos of the political beaurocracy of certain foreign powers. As such, some of the information has been censored. A working background of the relevant political situation is advisable for a full understanding of the contents of these files. New information has come to light

WARNING: Top Secret

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Series 1

Series 2

File 01: Rubble
File 02: The Crossing
File 03: The Unripened Fruit -- Notes
File 04: Salvage
File 05: The Riot Act
File 06: The Ground Beneath Their Feet
File 07: The Race
File 08: The Scrapman Cometh
File 09: Negotiations
File 10: Identification
File 11: Regulations
File 12: Salvage II -- Notes
File 13: Loopholes
File 14: Fight the Future
File 15: The Master Plan
File 16: Hit & Run

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